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Using the madReader to find your TBR pile

madReader has 6 status states: Read, Want, Pre-Ordered, Reading, TBR (to-be-read), Interested and DNF (did-not-finish). You can sort in grid or list mode and visually see what status the book is by various icons. The only one which doesn’t have an icon is “Interested” which is also the default state when you add a book.

Here is a vid showing how to use the madReader app to find the next book you want to read. Or basically how to sort through your TBR’s (to-be-reads).

madReader Book Tracking App


madReader is the only book tracking app for the high-volume Genre Reader. If you read more than four books a month, get this app today!

Unlike other book tracking apps, madReader focuses on the unique needs of the Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, YA and Mystery/Suspense reader. You need a quick easy way to find that book and remember some basic information about it so you can talk about it with your friends!

It’s simple to share book links and cover via social media, text, or email. A powerful search function allows you to search your list of books so you can find that particular book you read last month by searching on tropes or your own tags that you associate with a specific book. OR search for all those books you bought but are on your to-be-read pile.

Our sort options allow you to easily sort through your books using assigned status, date read, author, rating and title. Or type a status in search to see specific results. For example, type ‘TBR’ to see all your ‘to-be-read’ books.

If you are someone who reads so many books a month and can’t remember what the title was (but you can remember that there was a grumpy hero) — then this app is for you.

Check your stats on our Stats page. Get a rapid overview of major data points such as the monthly number of books read, your top genre and subgenre, your top five authors, and more! You can share your stats page to social media so people can see what a madReader you are.

Search is smart and fast so you can rapidly search on pieces of information you entered for a particular book. Each book allows tags so you can set tags that help you find books easily. Tag a book “Evil Villain” and “Scottish,” you can effortlessly search for either of those tags and display the results in the main view.

Type your short review into our notes area for each book so you can later copy and paste into whatever site you use to post reviews.

Best of all, madReader is free to use. We will continue to expand the product based on our user requests.