InWorld Studios is proud to present the upcoming release of our first iPhone game "SwitchOff New York" Available NOW on the iTunes App Store (in both FREE and Full versions), SwitchOff is a fast-paced, action packed twitchathon of fun.

Your job is to react fast and tap the lights as quickly as possible - the faster you tap, the more points you score. Use the Energy Saver weapons - including the powerful Green Shield - to extend your reach

This game is CRAZY fun and super addictive.

SwitchOff London and SwitchOff Paris are in development now and will be released this Summer.
An addictive game of speed, quick reaction time and strategy. fun for the entire family. SwitchOff New York requires an agile finger and quick wits to keep up with the action.
SwitchOff New York includes 3 exciting and fun maps. Each map includes a landmark New York structure: The Chrysler Building, the Brookly Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Now available a FREE VERSION - SwitchOff New York LITE!

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